10th European Nations Championship

From 27 July 2012until 29 July 2012
Event:10th European Nations Championship
Type:EDBF event
URL :prev.edbf.org
Place:National Watersports Centre, Nottingham, England
Comments:Including the Nottingham International Clubs and BCS Regatta, open to all clubs
Provisional Entry and Accommodation Reservation Forms
Bulletin number 1
Invitation Letter
European Championship boats for sale
Information Bulletin number 2 Returns
Information Bulletin number 2
Online Registration website
Bulletin No. 3
Abbreviated Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ATUE) document
EDBF Declarations consents and waivers
Technical Bulletin
IDBF Tailrace and Repechage Plans 2012
Race Programme Friday 27 July
Race Programme Sunday 29 July


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