Hungarian DBF under canoeing pressure

27 January 2008
The Hungarian Canoe Federation have recently refused to co-operate with the Hungarian Dragon Boat Federation, declaring that dragon boating is still a discipline of canoeing, despite the GAISF ruling that dragon boating and canoeing are two separate sports.

The canoe fed also say that they are preparing a team for the 2009 World Games in Taiwan and are blocking attempts by the dragon boaters to get funding for the genuine Hungarian team preparing for the 2009 World Championships in Poznan.

Finally, even though it has not been confirmed at all by the ICF Board, the Canoe Fed are claiming that they will organise an ICF Dragon Boat Championships in 2010 and are making it extremely difficult for the DB Federation to get government support for the 2009 European Club Crew Championships, due to be held in Budapest that year.

Source: IDBF Newsletter nr. 14


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