EDBF AGA and Council Meeting

Call for Nominations

14 October 2008
The EDBF Annual General Assembly meeting will be held on 15 November in Budapest, Hungary. During this year’s AGA, the 1st and 2nd Vice Chair-holders positions (currently held by Claudio Schermi, Italy and Victor Kisselev, Russia) and three Governing Member positions (currently held by Poland, Czech Republic and Russia) are up for (re-) election. Please notify your national representative to the EDBF if you would like to submit nominations for these positions. Your national representative can provide you with more information on the nomination procedure.

In addition to the elections, items on the agenda will include EDBF championships bids, membership issues, developments in dragon boat racing, commission and financial reports, and other business. We will be taking a special look at championship regatta course requirements and the development of Breast Cancer Survivor Racing in Europe.

The EDBF is also looking for volunteers to help with the Marketing & Media commission, the Competition & Special Events commission, the Sports Medicine, Psychology & Science Commission and the Technical Equipment commission. As the dragon boat sport has grown in Europe, so too has the need for volunteers to help with organizing various aspects of the sport. This is also a good way to gain experience working with the EDBF Board on behalf of paddlers throughout Europe and to let your voice be heard in the organization.

If you have questions or would like to notify the Board of your interest, please contact your national federation representative to the EDBF or the EDBF Secretary General.


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