In Memoriam: Sergio Orsi, Former ICF President & Friend of Dragon Boating

14 December 2008
It is with deep regret that the IDBF learnt of the death in Italy of Professor Sergio Orsi, the former ICF President. Sergio passed away peacefully on 22 October 2008. He was 90 years old. The condolences of the IDBF and Dragon Boat Sport go to his Family at this time of sorrow for them.

Sergio Orsi was a true friend of Dragon Boating, who supported the formation of the EDBF and IDBF and attended Dragon Boat Races whenever he could, encouraging its development and giving his support to the IDBF in the corridors of power of the IOC and the GAISF.

Within the ICF he was a member of the Flatwater Racing Committee from 1958 to 1966 before becoming its Chairman until 1972.From 1972 to 1981 Sergio was the ICF Secretary General and then the ICF President until his retirement in 1998.After his retirement he became an ICF Honorary President and both the GAISF and the International Olympic Committee decorated him for his work in Canoe Sport, recognition he richly deserved. I first met Sergio during his time as the ICF Secretary-General and over the years we became firm friends, not just colleagues’ and it was that friendship which led to his un-erring support for the development of Dragon Boating under the guidance of the IDBF. Sergio was always willing to give his advice and never accepted the change in the stance of the ICF towards the IDBF and he showed it in his support for the IDBF membership application to the GAISF.

Sergio Orsi was a man of honour, deep thinking and cheerful and truly one of life’s gentlemen. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Our Dragon Boat Family can be proud that Sergio considered himself to be an enthusiast of both Canoeing and Dragon Boating and he was to the forefront in recognizing the potential of our sport.

IDBF Executive President


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