The 13th European Club Crew Championship is almost here!

Only five more days ...

05 July 2009
1800 paddlers from 50 clubs, making up a total of 86 crews from 11 different Nations are heading to Budapest for the 13th European Club Crew Championships. Austria competes for the first time in an ECCC, the other nations are familiar to most of us: of course Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Ukraine all sent their best clubs to make another great event.

Keep an eye on the EDBF website, as we are planning to bring the results live to you as they are being paddled! Straight from the race course race results will be displayed here. Keep in mind though that the results are preliminary results, but of course we will also bring you the final race results through the EDBF website.

Stay Tuned!


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