The Royal dash

185 meter sees Prince William´s crew win by a dragons head!

08 July 2011

Kate at the helm

Dalvay Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada
The most famous Dragon Boaters in the world, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his Wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or just ´Wills and Kate´ as the world´s media knows them, showed their paddling skills, when they took to the water in a two boat race, on 4th July 2011, during their on-going Tour of Canada.

William Paddling

The Royal couple were joined in their boats by members of Dragon Boat Canada´s National Team; local sports men and women and personalities from the PEI community, including the Province´s Premier, Robert Ghiz and his Wife, also named Kate. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, looked much more relaxed as she started to paddle with the crew, after having first tried Helming the boat on the way from the loading area to the Start Line but Wills looked a little more apprehensive as he practised paddling.

Kate paddling

With IDBF Executive President, Mike Haslam starting the race and with Steve Gallant and Albert McDonald, the Race Organisers, from Dragonboat East, Nova Scotia, Helming the boats, the Royal Dash of 185m, was under the control of IDBF officials, from Start to Finish! Stephen Gallant having passed his IDBF Race Officials Assessment during the DBC National Championships in Welland.

In a close race Prince William´s crew reached the Finish Line first, by a Dragons Head and Kate´s crew had to settle for second place. A consolation hug from Wills was graciously accepted by Kate before a victory bottle of ´Champers´ was handed to the Prince, who said ´there is no chivalry in sport´, so thanks very much !

The Crew: - Boat 1 - Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Luke Gallant (Drummer) Albert McDonald (Helm) Dr Kate Ellis; Andrea Joy; Sue Sliming; Tim Schaus; David Gallant; Jan Oakley; Sean Gibson; Barry Ring; Jack McDonald; Mark Flood; Kara Grant; Molly Gotell, Matt Caseley; Darren Lundrigan; Jared Connaughton, Stephen Pulia:; Jillian Durant.

The Crew: - Boat 2 - Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. Andrew Gallant (Drummer) Stephen Gallant (Helm) Anne Gallant; Premier Robert Ghiz; Judy McDonald; Kirk Poulos; Anne Baert; Brian Melanson; Max Tracy; Bruce Chaisson; Bruce Oakley; Jessica Vanoeweekirk; Adam MacQuaid; Laura MacPherson; Oliva Richardson; Lisa Moerike; Chad MacQuoid; Spencer Smith; Maggie Wright.


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