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24 January 2010
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DBWI offers all national federations the opportunity to have their own page under the magazine´s new column "Globally Local". A minimum of twenty subscriptions must be ordered via a federation to be eligible for this special offer.

The prices and conditions have been agreed with the IDBF to assure that every national federation can receive the same benefits and read as follows:

  1. The one year subscription (4 issues) for 19,--EURO (24.--USD) less 18% IDBF-discount = 15,60 EURO (19.70 USD)
  2. The two year subscription (8 issues) for 35,--EURO (45.-- USD) less 18% IDBF-discount = 28,70 EURO (36.90 USD)
  • All subscriptions from the publisher will be shipped to one shipping address from which you should further distribute domestically.
  • You are entitled to take subscriptions as long the magazine is not sold at a higher price than the published price.
  • Not a condition, but you are strongly recommended to pass a portion of the discount on to your members. If you give 10% you might have to take a minor portion of postal costs, but in turn you give a high value benefit to your members.

Furthermore, to guarantee publishing of your national federation´s page, you must submit content on time. Notification of pending deadlines will be done via e-mail about two weeks in advance of content deadlines. Articles submitted should be in English, but need not be perfect. Our editors will correct any stylistic and spelling errors in advance of publication.

For more information or to place your order mail the publisher, Henning Wiekhorst, at wiekhorsthenningatmac.com. Subscriptions must be paid in full before your order will be shipped. Payment is possible online, via credit card, check or bank transfer.


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