Olympic torch carried into Vancouver by dragonboat

24 February 2010
The olympic flame was carried to Vancouver for the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic games in several ways, and part of the way it was carried by a dragonboat. A snippet from the schedule of the relay-route:

12:59 pm
False Creek, Granville Island to Yaletown Ferry Docks
Olympic Flame to travel by outriggers,
dragon boats and voyageur
featuring Olympians Hugh Fisher and Kamini Jain.

The False Creek Dragon Boat Team leading the DB flotilla and the BCS crew that was part of the flotilla have been competing in IDBF Championships and have been developing the sport through the IDBF for a number of years. False Creek hosted the 1st IDBF Club Crew World Championships in 1996 and were the 2006 Club Crew World Championship Open 200m Champions and the Premier Mixed Champions in 200m, 500m and 2000m.

You can watch footage of the dragonboat, with the torch bearer in front, on YouTube: first video and second video on YouTube.


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