European Championship 2010 information

24 July 2010
Only 14 days to the European Nations Championships in Amsterdam! We don´t know about you but we are really looking forward to it! The last pieces are falling in place and we promise you that it will be a tremendous event!

Herewith you receive the Technical Information bulletin together with a lot of extra information. Some annexes mentioned in the bulletin are send with this email separately and some are a part of the bulletin. Please read the information carefully and also check our for last bulletin 3 for the forms that need to be handed in at the hospitality desk on arrival!

We have received already a lot of training schedules requests but not from all the teams. Remember that the deadline is Tuesday 3rd of August for handing in the training requests. A few days later you will all receive the determined trainings dates and times for all the teams.

About the Regatta time table we unfortunately must inform you that because of some very late registrations of teams the time table isn´t definite yet. We hope to publish it soon on our website. We do send you together with this mail the final Championship Programme.

For the opening ceremony we would like for every country to have on team of 18 paddlers, helm and drum available for paddling a boat to the ceremony.

We want to remind you that you still can book the Canal Tour by Dragons boat and also we still have some tickets for our Paddlers for Paddlers closing party "Dragons on the Beach" available :-). Check our website www.enc2010.nl for more information!

Have fun with the last preparations for the races and see you soon in Amsterdam!

With kind regards,
Gert de Vos
Organisation ENC 2010


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