Excitement building for Kiev!

18 July 2011
In spite of the economic crisis taking a toll on club travel budgets, with nine nations, over 85 crews and 13 race categories, the 14th EDBF European Club Crew Championships is shaping up to be a busy and well-attended event. Taking place in Kiev, Ukraine from 26-28 August, the event is understandably popular with Ukraine & Russian teams and welcomes clubs from Lithuania & Armenia for the first time. Of course, many "old favorites" are coming too, with a good showing from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Norway.

Sad news for ECA paddlers

We´ve heard that our colleagues from the European Canoe Association have had to cancel their dragon boat event scheduled the same weekend as the EDBF European Club Crew Championship. Apparently, there were not enough nations (only six nations, all in different race classes) registered for this ECA European Dragon Boat championship so the organizers, the DKV (German Canoe Federation) and Canoe Club Regatta Duisburg, were forced to withdraw the event. (In comparison, at this time last year the EDBF European Nations Championship had 15 country registrations, with 1800 athletes participating in 12 racing classes.)

According to a press release passed on to the EDBF from one of our athletes involved in both the canoe & dragon boat sports: "DKV regrets the ´restitution´ of the European Championships, thanked the organizers for the previous preparations and apologizes to the athletes who, like the organizers have prepared for the Games in Duisburg." The EDBF can imagine it was not an easy decision for the organizers to cancel an event, and even more disappointing for the athletes - surely the decision was not taken lightly, but it seems the majority of paddlers are voting with their paddles and going with the IDBF-affiliated events specifically for dragon boat racing while the ICF will always be "king" in traditional canoe/kayak disciplines.


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