Live results of European Championships 2010

10 August 2010
As the Championships are rapidly approaching, all the preparations are coming together to make it a great event. One of those preparations is the online publication of race results, right here on the EDBF website and on www.enc2010.com. The results will be uploaded straight from the foto-finish equipment, so be aware that they will be preliminary results and will not reflect any Official´s decisions yet. The final results will be uploaded as soon as possible after approval of the Chief Official, and will be available together with the results of all previous European Championships.

The Amsterdam 2010 results will be published on this page.

We will also try to post a brief report on every racing day, but keep in mind that your webmasters will be actively taking part in the championships as paddler, coach and crew manager! If you want to keep up to date as news is posted, follow us on Twitter.


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