EDBF Extraordinary General Assembly report

13 November 2015
The EDBF members met at an Extraordinary General Assembly in Berlin on the weekend of 7th and 8th November 2015 to approve a major revision to the EDBF Statutes to bring them in line with the IDBF Statutes and to elect new officers and representatives to the EDBF Council.

Major changes to the Statutes include changes to the Council (term limits, changes in composition and number of representatives), changes to quorum requirements (to make it easier to get a voting quorum and act on business of the EDBF) and changes in membership procedures (aligning IDBF/EDBF membership and bringing it in line with other continental federations).

Results of the election of officers:

  • President: Alan van Caubergh (NLD); serving until 2017.
  • Vice Presidents: Ute Becker-Frenzel (GER), Kim Beckwith (NLD), Peter Jarosi (HUN), Petr Klima (CZE); serving until 2019.
  • Secretary General: Julie Doyle (IRL); serving until 2019.
  • Treasurer: Natalia Kravtsova (UKR); serving until 2017.

The position of President of Honour was added to the Board and Mike Haslam was elected to the position unanimously.

Under the new Statutes, Commission Chairholders will now become elected positions. Nominations for those positions will be accepted from national federations for election at the Annual Congress to be held in Rome in 2016 in conjunction with the European Nations Championship. If you are interested in becoming a commission chairholder, please contact your national federation to be nominated.


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