German Dragon Boat Mens Racy Racing Fundraiser

12 August 2014

Mattias Vanell from Germany brought a sample of the 2015 Drachenbootmaenner fundraising calendar to the recent EDBF European Championships in Racice. According to Mattias: "During the preparations for the European Championship 2012 in Nottingham we came on the idea for this calendar and therefore the "Drachenbootmänner" was born. Along with trying to find sponsors for the team, we have started to sell the calendar produced by ourselves. After our sporting success in Nottingham and the coronation with the world championship title in 1000 m in Szeged 2013, we have thought we try it once more with a calendar".

Meanwhile the "Drachenbootmänner" have developed into a kind of brand with more than 900 Facebook Likes. "With the calender we want to finance our trip to the world championships in Canada 2014, to realize our big aim, to defend the world championship title" Mattias says.

If you are interested in ordering the Drachenbootmanner calendar and helping support the German Premier Open team, you can order the calendar here for 10 euro at the following link. Put a smile on your (or someone else´s) face while supporting the team.


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