EDBF European Club Crew Championships 23-25 August

29 August 2013
This past weekend´s EDBF ECCC saw Germany´s Neckardrachen taking the most medals with 9 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze in the large boat class, and Hannover KC taking the most medals in the small boat class with 4 golds. The Czech club Kanoistika Kojetin and Russian clubs Storm Tver and Volga Dragons also showed well, followed by Germany´s WSAP. For a full look at the medals table go to idbfregistration.org/2013_ham.php#medal_tables.

The weather at this weekend´s event was perfect, sunny with a light breeze and temperatures in the mid-20s, so paddlers were obviously enjoying themselves at the Allermohle Watersports Center. The event was well-organized with nearly 1500 competitors and plenty of good racing and old and new friendships being forged. See you all again next year with the focus on Europe as the IDBF World Club Crew championships will be held in Ravenna, Italy 3-7 August or Brno, Czech Republic for the EDBF European Nations Championships 25-27 July.

The first photos are also appearing online, see our galleries. If you have photos or videos to share, let us know, and we will post the links here!


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