EDBF Council to meet 12 February

23 January 2011
The EDBFCouncil will be meeting in Kiev, Ukraine in a few weeks. But who are the Council and what do they do? The EDBF Council is made up of the EDBF Board (President, Chairman, Vice-chairmen, Secretary General, Treasurer and Council Representative), five country representatives chosen from the many member countries in the EDBF and the chairholders of the EDBF commissions.

In brief, the Board members are responsible for carrying out the business of the EDBF: representing the interests of paddlers, controlling championships, running day to day business, coordinating with other European and International sports bodies, developing policy, advising, etc. The Council members are responsible for promoting the development of dragon boat racing and policies of the EDBF. Council members serve as a link between the paddlers and the Board of the EDBF, so if you have a concern that you would like addressed to the EDBF you can do that via one of several channels: via your national representative, via a Council member or even directly to the EDBF Board via the Secretary General. Together, the Board and Council members are also responsible for developing rules and policies for European dragon boat paddlers. However, we work for the paddlers, as major policy decisions must be ratified by a majority of voting members of the EDBF during the Annual General Assembly meeting held each year in conjunction with the European Championships. So, while the Council may propose policy, and has an overall view of the issues facing dragon boat sport, it is actually the membership who has the biggest say in policy as it is up to the members to suggest and approve policies which the Council is then charged with carrying out.

What are the commissions and what do they do? Well, the EDBF has three active commissions: ComSpec, which is responsible for inspecting (potential) championship sites and advising championship organizers how to best organize the technical and physical aspects of championship races; Marketing & Media, which is responsible for promoting the EDBF and communicating with its members via such channels as the EDBF website, DB International and external media; and SmedCom, which is responsible for sports medicine related issues such as drug testing and athlete health.

What issues will be discussed at the EDBF Council meeting? In addition to reports from the commissions, we will be discussing the upcoming EDBF Club Crew Championships in Kiev and visiting the race venue, we will be discussing bids for EDBF championships in 2012 and 2013 (Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland have all registered interest in hosting upcoming championships), we will be discussing ways of better promoting and regulating our sport, we will be advising our members on how to best work with other sports federations and we will be brainstorming on how to continue to grow and promote the sport in new member countries. We are also open to other items that are of concern to dragon boat paddlers, so let us hear from you.

If you have ideas or concerns or wish to volunteer to work on a commission, please let your national representative know or contact a council member or write me yourself via the contact form here on the EDBF website. We´re your organization and we´re here to work for dragon boat athletes!

Submitted by Kim Beckwith, dragon boat paddler and EDBF Secretary General


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