Looking forward to the European Club Crew Championships!

19 February 2011

I´m excited about the championships taking place in Kiev. It is a very dynamic and modern city which changes every time I visit it. The location where the races will be held is in a new watersport & golf development area with lots of nice homes, restaurants and bars. There is a little something for everyone there from chic but inexpensive sushi joints to casual shashlik & beer tents along the water´s edge. When the Competition Commission went to inspect the site, we were impressed by the waters as well - deep, still and clear - perfect for fair racing! You can check out some photos from site visits I´ve made to Kiev.

I understand also that since Kiev is celebrating 20 years independence there will be lots of music and special events in the city in the weeks leading up to the races, so the host committee is recommending that teams make time to enjoy the city´s special attractions. I´ve been to the famous Kiev Monastery of the Caves which is an impressive series of burial tunnels for priests and saints that stretches back centuries (and UNESCO World Heritage Site). The many cathedrals, museums and parks of Kiev are also worth visiting. Kiev has a special atmosphere: both dynamic and laid-back and has been busy improving its infrastructure with the upcoming 2012 Euro Football Championships on its way, making entertainment and transport around the city easy to access.

If I´m not on the water or in the official´s tower, you can find me on the banks of Obolon Water Recreation area enjoying a yummy shashlik and a cold beer while cheering on the club crews! Come join me in Kiev for some great racing and some friendly hospitality!

Kim Beckwith
Secretary General
European Dragon Boat Federation


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