Farewell Phyll MacKeddie

26 July 2012

Dear Relatives, Friends and Colleagues,

The sunshine has gone from my life. Phylly my best friend, constant companion, soul mate and wonderful wife, died at 22:35 on Tuesday 24 July 2012, aged just 54, following a severe and rare kind of brain haemorrhage, called a Cerebral Venus Thrombosis (CVT) sustained on Tuesday 17 July 2012, which resulted in a large clot in her venal system and caused severe brain damage.

The cause remains undetermined but the CVT followed two weeks of severe headaches and nausea for Phyll and, as many of you know, I returned early from the CCWC in Hong Kong to be with her.

She put up a brave fight for her life but the swelling in her brain could not be controlled and her brain stem became compacted and in the end could not be treated. She was on a life support system for the last week and in no pain. Together with her Mother Helen, Sister Sandra and Brother Gary, we kept a bedside vigil for Phylly, shed our many tears for her and said our Good byes.

Tuesday night at 22:25 the life support system was closed down and my Phylly passed peacefully and gently away as I held her hand and passed to her all those kisses, kind thoughts and best wishes that you had sent to her over the past days.

Phyll was a great believer in ´recycling´ and you will be comforted to know, as I am, that some of Phyll will live on in three people who will by now have received transplants from my Phylly.

Phyll always wanted to return to her beloved Scotland to live and she will now return to her home village of Fortrose, on the Black Isle, to rest forever with her grand parents and other family members. She should of course, still be with us but there are no guarantees in life only that of death, which can come when you least expect it to those you love the most.

My Phylly will always be with me and in my heart and mind and emotions and as long as she is in our memories she will live on within us all.

Mike Haslam

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