Get involved in live TV or Radio coverage of the European Nations Championships in Nottingham!

19 July 2012
With the 2012 Olympics almost upon us, the European Dragon Boat Championships at Nottingham provide an exciting opportunity to showcase the sport globally through the medium of TV and Radio. Belief Sport will be looking to interview team managers, coaches, competitors, VIP´s, officials, etc. on their views related to the Championships, team news, the story of your own training leading up to Nottingham, special news items, etc. for the TV and Radio coverage Belief Sport will be producing and presenting in association with the EDBF next week.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in participating to discuss news related to dragon boating, special features, your training leading up to the Championships or just to give your own views and soundbites on what you are looking forward to about the competitions, then please get in touch so we can organise a suitable interview slot when you would be free. See the particpiation sheet for more information.

Richard Smith


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