German Politicians Capsize, Become Closer During Dragon Boat Tour

18 May 2012
On May 15th politicians from the Landtag (State Diet) of Lower Saxony (a German state) decided to go on a dragon boat tour on Zwischenahner Lake in Lower Saxony as part of a closed-door meeting they were having. On board were a number of important politicians: the Minister-President of Lower Saxony, David McAllister, who also happened to be drumming; the Minister for Social Affairs, Aygul Ozkan; the Minister for Economy, Jorg Bode, the Minister for Ecology , Stefan Birkner and the Minister for Culture and Education, Bernd Althusmann. The German press and television media showed the dramatic event during prime time.

Apparently the boat got caught by the bow wash of a nearby motor boat and rolled over in the 11 degree water. Luckily, everyone was rescued by several rescue boats in the area and Minister-President McAllister even said the capsize should not be seen as a symbol for the future of the coalition, but actually brought the politicians closer as a team. The only casualty of the event was Minister Althusmann´s cigarettes, but we all know dragon boat paddlers really should leave any smoking up to the dragon.

News video (German) with photos


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