Chris Hare - Founder Member of the BDA

19 April 2012
Dear Dragon Boat Colleagues,

I regret to inform you all that unfortunately after a long illness Chris Hare passed away this morning in North Tees and Hartlepool hospital.

Chris was one of the founders of the BDA and the man who built the first Dragon Boats in the UK and Europe, using as a plug, one of the Hong Kong wooden boats donated to the BDA by the Hong Kong Tourist Board.

Subsequently the Chris Hare boat became the IDBF Standard Racing Boat, which is used and produced around the world today. Chris was one of a kind and a great devotee of sailing boats, canoes and Dragon Boats. He was a man of the Sea and always reminded my of a ´ Viking´ in looks and dynamism.

We became great friends as well as working colleagues, over a 30 year period or more, which started in our canoeing days on the BCU Coaching Committee, when he greeted me with the words - "Hallo Bonny Lad - I´ve heard about you"! Then he smiled shook my hand in a vice like grip and growled, "Welcome to the Committee".

A shadow has passed across the Sun and Chris will be sadly missed but I am sure that he would not want us to grieve for him but instead celebrate his life and times and that is what I believe we should do !

Mike Haslam
BDA President


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