EDBF Implements New Anti-Doping Policy

08 April 2012
All Premier Division paddlers should be aware that the anti-doping regulations have been sharpened and will be implemented in time for the EDBF Nations Championship in Nottingham this summer. In brief, the main policy points affecting premier athletes are summed up below. Further details have been sent to national federations with ENC Bulletin 2.

In Competition Testing

With Effect from 1 January 2013, the minimum number of In Competition tests will be increased from four (4) to six (6) tests during a World or European Championships Regatta (Nations or Club Crews). The selection of competitors and testing procedures will remain the same as presently published in the IDBF Anti-Doping Policy.

Out of Competition Testing

Out of Competition Testing will be introduced from 1 June 2012 for the European Nations Championships (ENC), as follows:

  1. On receipt of a National Teams Named Entry Form (22 June for the ENC) one (1) Premier Division paddler, per Team will be randomly selected from the Team List. These athletes will constitute the IDBF Elite Athletes Pool for the year in question.
  2. The EDBF Member Association concerned will be notified of the athlete´s name and be required to arrange for the athlete to undergo an Out of Competition, urine based test.

    The test is to be carried out by the National Anti-Doping Agency concerned, at a time and place chosen by the ADA but the test must be carried out at least two (2) weeks before the date the ENC starts (27 July 2012) to enable the results to be received before the Championships commence in Nottingham.
  3. The cost of the test will fall upon the EDBF Member, who shall ensure that the results of the test are forwarded to the EDBF Chairman and a confirmation of receipt received from the EDBF before the first race of the Championships.
  4. Failure by the athlete concerned to undergo a test or a non receipt of the result of the test by the EDBF Chairman, before the first race of the Championships, will result in the athlete concerned being excluded from competing.


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