2012 IDBF Club Crew World Championships additional information

07 April 2012
Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for your patience, I am happy to say that the IDBF data base is now up and running again (thank you Slawek) and you can now register your confirmed entries, photographs and crew information on line (https://dragonboat.pl/ems.idbf/login_idbf.php).

Also attached to this email you will find important supplementary information to Bulletin No.2, such as a restriction on the number of paddlers in the Standard Boat, the requirement for all paddlers to wear PFDs when training on Victoria Harbour, as well as how to log on and enter information into the Data base.

Information Bulletin No.3 will be issued during May once all the Confirmed Entries have been received and logged on to the data base.

With best wishes,
Mike Haslam
International Dragon Boat Federation


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