Hungarian Dragon Boat Federation case against Hungarian Canoe Federation clarified

03 February 2012
Further to my email of 18 January 2012 headed "Hungarian Dragon Boat Federation Win Court Case", I write to explain that this heading was somewhat misleading due to a language misunderstanding. In fact the Court case was actually "dismissed" for procedural reasons. Nevertheless, in the Court´s reasoning the status of the HDBF was fully justified.

That is, in the reasoning of the Court as disclosed in the HDBF Press Release attached to my earlier email, the standing and mandate of the HDBF as the sole National Governing Body for Dragon Boating in Hungary was confirmed. This was the main aim of the HDBF in bringing such a case in the first place.

Given such rulings and as the HDBF had not asked the Court to ban the HCF from practicing Dragon Boating, they decided not to appeal against their case´s rejection.

For the HDBF the rulings by the Court in confirming their status as the legally recognized governing body for the Sport in Hungary, was the most important thing.

All the details in the earlier HDBF Press Release have been re-confirmed by the HDBF as correct and the reasoning which formed part of the Court´s judgment, is now the basic reference for any future court case concerning the Sport in Hungary. Please make the above facts clear to your own Members (including the email heading) and also through the same medium of distribution that you may have given to my email of 18 January 2012.

Mike Haslam
IDBF Executive President


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