The EDBF goes Mobile!

27 October 2011
If you are using a mobile or handheld device that we are able to recognize, you probably already noticed it: m.edbf.org is now live and accessible for handheld devices with small screens and little resources.

Not everything that you can find on the regular website is available through our mobile pages, but the most popular pages are available:

  • The latest news
  • The Calendar
  • All European Championship results
  • Documents and lists of licensed Paddle- and Dragonboat suppliers
  • About the EDBF and the contact information for the board
  • A contact form, usable on small devices
  • Our list of links to other websites

On every page you will also find a link back to the main site for your convenience. We do try to detect if you are using a mobile or handheld device, but we will not actively redirect you: we will only display a notification on the top of every page, it is up to you to decide which version of the website you want to use.

Oh, and rest assured: both versions of the website use exactly the same data, so both versions will always show exactly the same!


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