IDBF Race Officials Course

21 October 2011 - Putrajaya, Malaysia

29 September 2011
On behalf of the IDBF, the Malaysian Dragon Boat Federation will be hosting an IDBF Race Officials Training and Assessment Course (National Officials Level) on Friday 21 October 2011, prior to the Putrajaya International Races on 22/23 October 2011. The course team will be headed by Mike Thomas, Chairman of the IDBF Competition & Technical Commission (C&TC).

You are invited to send people to attend this important training course, which is the first step for those who wish to become Grade 1, IDBF International Race Officials. For those with the required experience at National level, assessments for the Grade 1 award will also be carried out during the Putrajaya International Regatta over the weekend 22/23 October 11.

If you have any interested people then please contact Angelina Ong, Chairwoman, IDBF Marketing & Media Commission (M&MC) at angelina[at]sava.com.sg for further details of the hosting/accommodation package for the course. Personal invitations will then be sent to those people requiring visas to enter Malaysia. Nearest airport is Kuala Lumpur.

All students will be required to pay an IDBF Registration Fee of USD 20.00, per person, to cover IDBF administration and paperwork costs.

The lateness of this notification is regretted but hopefully not too late for you to action. An outline course programme is attached for your information.

With best wishes,
Mike Haslam


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