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12 September 2011
You may already have noticed it, there has been a bit of work going on at the EDBFwebsite. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news about dragonboating in Europe, and check out when your favorite dragonboat events take place, you can now use your favorite way of keeping in touch with the EDBF. If you are on Facebook, check out our Facebook page. If you use Twitter, start following us on Twitter. Or if you have an RSS Reader, ad the News Feed or the Calendar Feed to your favorites.

For our fellow webmasters

Do you want to show the latest EDBFheadlines on your website? Or the next 10 events in Europe? Of course you are free to use our RSSFeeds, but now it is even easier: Use one of our widgets! It is really easy: select what you want to show on your website, click on "Generate HTML Code", and copy and paste the code in your own website. And now you can show the latest EDBF Headlines for example, or the next events from the EDBF Calendar. If you have any questions about this, would like some help, or have ideas that you would like to see at the EDBFWebsite, feel free to contact us.


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