2006 Swiss (SDBF) National Championships Results

01 December 2006
The Swiss Dragon Boat Federation´s (SDBF) annual national championships were held 24 & 25 June 2006 in Eglisau (one of the oldest annual dragon boat races in Europe, already in its 15th year). Weather conditions for the weekend were excellent and with over 1000 competitors in a total of 52 crews, that is 6 dragon boat clubs and 46 festival crews, it was a record turnout!

2006 was the first time that the SDBF also held National Championship Races for the f estival crews with categories, for women, mixed and open crews. This was an enormous success for the SDBF and the goal for 2007 is to affiliate these festival crews into the Swiss Dragon Boat Federation.

In the Club Championship, the home Club from Eglisau and the Zürich-based club from Meilen fought a very exciting battle with the best possible result for the locals. Eglisau took the title with a 22 hundredth of a second winning margin.

The Festival Crew Championships were even closer with the following crews taking the Swiss National Champions titles in the following categories shown below: Festival Women - Swish; Festival Mixed - Überflieger; Festival Open - Fitness Gym.

For detailed racing results please see the Dragon Boat Race Eglisau website: www.drachenbootrennen.ch

Report by Felix Meier.


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