Going Native

01 March 2007
The BBC is looking for participants in its "Last Man Standing" series. No, this is not a joke. See the press release below and contact the BBC if you are interested.

"BBC Television is looking for fit, bold men who are up to the Challenge of a Lifetime. Last Man Standing is a new BBC Series in which a group of 6 western athletes pit their skills against each other and tribal champions in a series of extraordinary sporting challenges. The first series of Last Man Standing will be broadcast in mid-2007, and a second series is already being prepared. That’s where you could come in. Do you:

  • Have a passion for sport and competition?
  • A thirst to explore some of the most remote places on the planet?
  • A desire to live with traditional tribes, and to learn from them?
If you´re answering "yes" and can be free to go on a series of adventures from Easter 2007 for 24 weeks of the next 52 please get in touch with us at:

Last Man Standing - Room 5525,
BBC White City
201, Wood Lane,
London W12 7TS

Or e-mail to: Last_Man_Standingatbbc.co.uk


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