Couch Potato Dragons

01 March 2007
Couch potatoes (and athletes, of course) will be interested in the launch of DBTV, the all dragon boat web channel at www.thedragonboatchannel.com. Featuring videos, news, merchandise, information and links, the channel was launched in January by Bob Singerman and Brent Gardner, of Tampa, Florida (USA).

The site is a little poor on video at the moment, but is sure to fill up as the season progresses and more content is submitted. While US-based, the founders hope that the site will attract dragon boat enthusiasts from around the world. So, submit your videos and news then watch this space!

On a related front, YouTube.com dragon boat content has grown rapidly in the last couple of months. A recent search on "dragon boat"delivered nearly 1000 videos related to the sport. The biggest disadvantage to YouTube use is that the content is poorly organized. Most of that can be blamed on poor tags submitted with the videos. This makes it difficult to find dragon boat content that is relevant to one’s search criteria. Nonetheless, it is a good chance to find out what’s going on in the world of dragon boat racing, see both modern sport racing and traditional racing and check out each other’s strokes.

Last, but certainly not least, the GB Women’s Team have been keeping a video diary of their preparations for the 2007 WC in Sydney. Check it out at www.bbc.co.uk/london/videonation/ then click on the title "Breathing Fire into London". You go girls!


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