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26 January 201813th EDBF European Nations Championships - Bulletin No. 1 Revision B published
24 January 2018Race Officials for the ENC 2018 in Brandenburg
24 January 2018First meeting in Rome for the new EDBF President Claudio Schermi
08 January 2018Ciao Bryan, we will never forget you!
05 January 2018EDBF President Claudio Schermi inaugural address - 1st January 2018
27 December 20171st Hong Kong Barcelona Dragon Boat Festival
04 December 2017EDBF Commissions are seeking new members and chairholders
04 December 2017Competition Time! Your chance to win a personalised carbon paddle
26 November 2017A message from Claudio Schermi, President Elect of the EDBF
27 August 2017EDBF Convention in November
27 August 2017Commission Chairs and Members Needed
07 August 2017EDBF Congress 31st July 2017 - Headlines
22 June 201717th EDBF ECCC Bulletin No. 3 published
23 May 201717th EDBF European Club Crew Championships - Mixed Crews Rules Clarification
12 May 201717th EDBF ECCC and IDBF Junior and U24 WNC Bulletin No. 2 published
10 May 2017EDBF Executive Committee Nominations
10 December 201617th EDBF European Club Crew Championships - Invitation and Bulletin No. 1 published
08 December 2016EDBF Extra Ordinary Congress - November 2016 - Summary
25 July 2016Race Programme for the 12th EDBF European Nations Championships
18 July 201612th EDBF European Nations Championships - Bulletin No. 4
27 May 201612th EDBF European Nations Championships - Bulletin No. 3
31 March 201612th EDBF European Nations Championships - Bulletin No. 2 published
26 January 2016IDBF is Seeking Nominations for the Competition and Technical Commission
24 December 201512th EDBF European Nations Championships - Bulletin No. 1 published
17 December 2015AIMS gets IOC Recognition
13 November 2015EDBF 12th European Nations Championships
13 November 2015EDBF Extraordinary General Assembly report
25 August 2015End of an era
31 July 2015Race results for the 16th EDBF European Club Crew Championship
21 July 201516th EDBF ECCC Regatta Maps
08 July 2015Supplement to Bulletin 2 for the 16th EDBF European Club Crew Championships
01 July 2015Development boats for Europe; 16th ECCC boat fee/development boat information
29 June 2015Dragonboat Racing in the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia: The Tallinn Cup 17-19 September
26 May 20156th June 2015 - Paddle for the Planet
21 April 2015Bulletin 2 for the 16th EDBF European Club Crew Championships now available
16 February 2015Bulletin 1 for the 16th EDBF European Club Crew Championships now available
08 February 201511th European Club Crew Championship Bulletin 1 delayed
08 February 20155th International Dublin Dragon Boat Regatta
22 December 2014Change of venue 2015 EDBF Club Crew Championships
25 November 2014Update: EDBF Extraordinary General Assembly in Tallinn
21 November 2014Dutch Dragon Boat racing is still alive!
19 November 2014Florence Dragon Boat Pink Meeting 30-31 May 2015
12 August 2014Dragon Boat Racing in New York
12 August 2014German Dragon Boat Mens Racy Racing Fundraiser
30 July 2014EDBF Annual General Assembly will be held 21-23 November 2014
26 July 201411th EDBF European Nations Championships - Revised Race Program for Sunday!
24 July 2014Watch the 11th EDBF European Nations Championships Live!
22 July 201411th EDBF European Nations Championships - Technical Bulletin published
18 May 2014Small Boat Club Crew Cup Entries Being Accepted
08 February 2014Russian Dragonboats carry Olympic Flame for the Winter Olympics 2014
31 January 201411th EDBF European Nations Championships - Notice to all teams intending to participate!
27 January 201411th EDBF European Nations Championships - Bulletin No. 1 published
08 January 2014Dates changed for the 1st IDBF World Cup
23 December 20132014 IDBF World Cup - All Set To Go In Fuzhou, China - Top Nations Invited
11 September 2013IDBF Helm, Coach and Officials training session held in Romania
29 August 2013EDBF European Club Crew Championships 23-25 August
29 August 2013Still a chance to paddle in Amsterdam!
24 August 2013European Championship: Racing starts Sunday 25th August at 8:30, crews report at boatmarshalling at 8:00.
24 August 2013European Championship: No live video available
23 August 2013European Championship: Racing starts Saturday 24th August at 8:45, crews report at boatmarshalling at 8:15.
23 August 2013European Championship: Helm meeting at 13:00 and Crew Managers meeting after the 2000m
22 August 2013EDBF Mobile website redesigned
19 August 2013European Club Crew Championship 2013 Technical Bulletin and Race Programmes available
16 August 2013European Club Crew Championship 2013 Bulletin 3 available
20 July 2013Watch the racing at the 11th World Championships at www.idbf.org/live!
10 July 2013New look for the EDBF website
10 July 2013Champion dragon boats for sale at a discount
23 May 2013European Club Crew Championship 2013 Bulletin 2 available
13 May 2013Dragonboat festival in Murcia, Spain
20 March 2013EDBF European Club Crew Championships website has gone live
19 February 201310th European Club Crew Championships Bulletin No 1
24 January 2013IDBF News Magazine DBI
24 January 201311th World Championships Bulletin 1 available
04 January 2013IDBF website re-launched!
13 November 2012Pink Meeting and Volalonga: May 2013
12 November 2012Manfred Russ receives Honorary VP award from IDBF
12 September 2012EDBF Special Congress 10 and 11 November, Hamburg Germany
08 September 2012Third Florence Dragon Boat Pink Meeting
13 August 2012Service to Celebrate Phyll MacKeddie - 8 September 2012
01 August 2012Nottingham photos and results
30 July 2012Final Farewells for Phyllis Diane MacKeddie-Haslam
28 July 20122012 EDBF European Nations Championships Race Programme Sunday
27 July 20122012 EDBF European Nations Championship Results and Video
26 July 2012Farewell Phyll MacKeddie
24 July 20122012 EDBF European Nations Championships Race Programme Friday
23 July 2012Technical Bulletin for the 2012 EDBF European Nations Championships
20 July 2012Information Bulletin 3 for the 2012 EDBF European Nations Championships
19 July 2012Get involved in live TV or Radio coverage of the European Nations Championships in Nottingham!
16 July 2012Championship documents also available on Calendar
05 July 20128th Club Crew World Championships, Hong Kong
02 July 2012Dragon Boating: Wild excitement or quiet tranquility?
22 June 2012EDBF Championships looking good!
17 June 2012Urgent: Named entries due for European Championships 2012!
13 June 2012Information Bulletin 4 for the 2012 IDBF Club Crew World Championships
23 May 2012Information Bulletin 3 for the 2012 IDBF Club Crew World Championships
23 May 2012June 2nd 2012 paddle for the Planet
19 May 2012World Anti-Doping Agency sends out first newsletter
18 May 2012German Politicians Capsize, Become Closer During Dragon Boat Tour
19 April 2012Chris Hare - Founder Member of the BDA
13 April 2012March 2012 issue of DBI Magazine now available
08 April 2012EDBF Implements New Anti-Doping Policy
07 April 2012Information Bulletin 2 for the 2012 EDBF European Nations Championships
07 April 20122012 IDBF Club Crew World Championships additional information
29 March 2012Second Florence Dragon Boat Pink Meeting
14 March 2012Information Bulletin 2 for the 2012 IDBF Club Crew World Championships
14 March 2012Czech Dragon Boat Racing Season 2012
01 March 2012Information Bulletin 1 for the 2012 IDBF Club Crew World Championships
16 February 2012Unique location for a dragon boat race!
03 February 2012Hungarian Dragon Boat Federation case against Hungarian Canoe Federation clarified
27 January 2012Your opinion matters!
17 January 2012Information Bulletin 1 for the 2012 EDBF European Nations Championships
17 January 20122012 Edition of the IDBF Competition Regulations
28 October 2011Dragonboat news and information in your own language!
27 October 2011The EDBF goes Mobile!
29 September 2011IDBF Race Officials Course
20 September 2011IDBF Web News bulletin - september 2011
18 September 2011Dragons Come to Antwerp
12 September 2011Stay in touch with the EDBF!
01 September 2011Final results from European Club Crew Championships in Kiev available!
31 August 2011European Club Crew Championship
26 August 2011Races delayed
26 August 2011Raceprogramme Friday
26 August 2011Live results and video European Club Crew Championships Kiev
24 August 2011European Club Crew Championship: Updated Outline Program
08 August 20111st IDBF Rome International Dragon Boat Festival
08 August 2011July issue of DBI now available
18 July 2011Excitement building for Kiev!
11 July 2011European Club Crew Championships 2011 Bulletin 3
08 July 2011The Royal dash
29 June 201110th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championship bulletin Number 3 available
23 June 2011Dutch Open Championships 24 September
18 June 2011This is dragonboating, NOT canoeing!
23 May 2011Paddle for the Planet: 5 June 2011
23 May 2011Bulletin 2 for the 14th EDBF Club Crew Championships available.
20 May 2011Paddle Far in Europe
28 April 2011European Club Crew Championship 2011 Update
28 April 2011Boats Wanted!
28 April 2011Help Wanted!
20 April 2011Istanbul Dragon Boat Festival in May
19 February 2011European Club Crew Championships 2011 invitation and first bulletin available.
19 February 2011Looking forward to the European Club Crew Championships!
19 February 2011EDBF Council meeting report
23 January 2011EDBF Council to meet 12 February
12 December 2010International Traditional and Dragonboat races, M´Bao, Senegal 2-5 March 2011
18 October 201026, 27, 28 August 2011: 14th EDBF European Club Crew Championships, Kiev, Ukraine
12 September 2010Tragically Long Distances
01 September 2010Changes to EDBF website
24 August 2010One week to go!
23 August 2010European Championship 2010 final results available
17 August 2010Amsterdam 2010 Results
13 August 2010Results from European Championship
13 August 2010Dutch Media coverage of European Championships
10 August 2010Live results of European Championships 2010
24 July 2010June 2009 issue of DBI now available
24 July 2010EDBF Updates: things are heating up!
24 July 2010European Championship 2010 Bulletin 3
24 July 2010European Championship 2010 information
24 March 2010Registrations for EDBF 2010 European Nations Championship
24 March 2010European Championship 2010 Bulletin 2 available
24 February 2010Olympic torch carried into Vancouver by dragonboat
24 January 2010Dragon Boat World International Special Offer
24 January 2010Free websites for EDBF-affiliated organizations
24 January 2010New Lithuanian Federation Looking for Boats
24 December 2009Brief report on EDBF AGA and Council 2009
24 December 2009European Championships 2010 information available
21 December 2009November 2009 issue of DBI now available
21 October 2009EDBF AGA and Council Meeting
21 October 2009Behind the lens
21 October 2009The Other Path to Victory
21 September 2009After Prague ...
08 August 2009Getting psyched up for the Worlds in Prague?
08 July 200913th European Club Crew Championship Results
08 July 200913th ECCC: the first photos
05 July 2009The 13th European Club Crew Championship is almost here!
05 May 2009Latest issue of DBI now available
05 May 2009Istanbul Dragon Boat Festival
05 May 2009Swift boats at discount prices
05 May 2009European Club Crew Championships 2009 Bulletin 2
05 March 2009European Club Crew Championship Update
05 February 2009January edition of the IDBF Newsletter
05 January 200913th European Club Crew Championships 2009
Budapest, Hungary
10-12 July 2009
14 December 2008Business Schools Raise 27,000 Euro for Charity
14 December 2008In Memoriam: Sergio Orsi, Former ICF President & Friend of Dragon Boating
14 December 2008EDBF AGA Meeting Update
14 December 2008In memory of Jon Taylor
14 December 2008Happy New Year
14 October 2008EDBF AGA and Council Meeting
14 September 2008European Championships Sabaudia race results
29 August 2008European Championships Information
06 August 2008Budapest Dragon Boat Festival
28 July 2008European Championships 2008
03 July 2008Limassol Entries Coming In
26 June 20082009 World Championships to be held in Prague
18 June 2008Dragon Boat Photo Contest
18 June 2008Sun Shines on Limassol
18 June 2008Pink Pilot in Prague
25 May 2008Dragonboating - Not an Olympic Sport?
25 May 2008Charity Dragonboat Race in France
25 May 2008Info Bulletin 2 available
14 May 2008Another Paddle-Torch Connection
16 March 2008EuroLeague 2008 Regulations Finalized
28 January 2008EuroLeague trial year results evaluated
27 January 2008Spain joins EDBF & IDBF
27 January 2008Hungarian DBF under canoeing pressure
27 January 2008Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran
22 November 2007Channel Crossing Record Unbeaten
22 November 2007Dutch National League Results
22 November 2007BDA National Results - Revised
16 August 2007Weekend Impressions of the European Club Crew Championships
01 August 2007Russian Shtoorm at the European Club Crew Championships
24 July 2007Newsflash from the IDBF
24 July 2007The Rooster Meets the Dragon
20 July 2007EDBF European Club Crew Championships Fast Approaching
13 July 2007European Canoe Association DB Championships Cancelled
18 June 2007European Club Crew Championships
01 June 2007Dragon Boat International News
16 May 2007European Dragon Boat League Kicks off in Liverpool
29 April 2007GAISF VOTE: IDBF YES!
23 April 2007IDBF Dragon Boat Participant Survey - Brief Update
20 March 200712th EDBF European Club Crew Championships
01 March 2007Dragon Boat International News
01 March 2007Singapore Boats for Sale in Sweden
01 March 2007Germany Heeds Moldavia´s Call for Help
01 March 2007Going Native
01 March 2007Couch Potato Dragons
13 February 2007Let us hear your voice
01 January 2007Time to revamp your kit
29 December 2006GAISF council confirms IDBF as world governing body for dragon boating
07 December 2006European Dragon Boat Camp in Portugal
06 December 200617th EDBF Council and 17th EDBF AGA Highlights
05 December 2006Coach needed for the Singapore National Dragon Boat Team
04 December 2006IDBF World Championship Races Crew Composition
03 December 2006Austrian Dragon Boat Championships Scheduled for 2007
02 December 2006Hungarian Dragon Boat Year in Review 2006
01 December 20062006 Swiss (SDBF) National Championships Results
03 November 20062006 German (DDV) National Championship Results
02 November 20062006 Dutch (NDBF) National Championship Results
01 November 20062006 British (BDA) National Championship Results
02 October 2006Dragon Boats in the Great River Race
01 October 2006EDBF European Championships Highlights
01 September 2006Canadians Dominate CCWC, German Clubs Show for Europe
01 August 2006IDBF Club Crew World Championships Update
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